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Betsy Maldonado

Welcome to my online portal.  I am excited you are here and I look forward to working with you. 

​My name is Betsy I am a certified FDN practitioner who survived debilitating bouts of toxic mold exposure and lyme. I help you investigate underlying causes and conditions at the core of your health complaints.  This helps you, as a patient, be a more effective self-advocate when working with your doctor(s). Together we do this by performing an in depth health history which is then coupled with functional lab testing (when applicable).


I do NOT diagnose or treat any disease, nor do I practice medicine; but I do help you be the very best self-advocate possible! In turn this will make it easier to get what you want and need from your doctor(s).

When illness strikes deepening our own innate intuitive abilities, on what is going on in our bodies, is part of the healing journey. It can be really scary and confusing figuring out which path (of healing) to take. Trial and error IS part of the healing journey. It strengthens our intuition and ability to advocate for ourselves when we actively take charge.

All of us at Ready Health Go (RHG) are on a mission to:

  • Empower patients of doctors to become effective self-advocates.

  • Introduce Biocidin and other nutraceuticals that have successfully been used for toxic mold exposure, lyme and/or other hard to diagnose invisible/chronic illnesses.