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This package includes:


  • 1 hour coaching sessions each week for 4 weeks
  • 2 weekly emails between each of the weekly 1 hour coaching sessions. 


Each of the above mentioned weekly coaching session will be via Zoom Video or by phone if you don't want to do video. 


These weekly coaching sessions help to:


  • Answer your questions 
  • Teach you how to properly dose and titrate each of the Biocidin formulations
  • How to troubleshoot symptoms


For those who want my guidance while using Biocidin formulations this intensive coaching is required in order for you to understand and also learn how to use Biocidin properly so you don't overdose and feel sicker.  


Unfortunately learning how to use Biocidin can't be done in one appointment it really does take a minimum of at least 4 sessions.


NOTE: Supplements will be an additional cost as follows:


  • $325 - Best value (2 month comprehensive detox)
  • $130 - Month to month (1 month at a time detox)


How are kits selected:


  • The kit that will be best for you is all dependent on you health history and goals. 


My goal:


  • My goal with this 30 day coaching package is to coach the you to be self sufficient and proficient with all the Biocidin formulations. So you will be able to proficiently use all formulations on yourself, friends and family. That way you aren't reliant on me and you become their own advocate.



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