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Renew and Repair - I provide all supplements you will need for the entire 2 months.


Complete a thorough health history:


  • Before our first appointment: I will review all intake forms, labs you submit to me that were run by other health care practitioners and complete any research necessary to ensure a thorough evaluation of your case.
  • Online consult via video conference to discuss my recommendations.
  • Order new labs as requested... but for the most part it is not usually necessary.


Selecting the right formulations:


  • Before our first appointment: I will write up and email you all recommendations, that we will discuss verbally at our first appointment, so you will have all the information and education needed to decide what supplements are most critical to your success. All supplements are included in the program and the Wellness Coaching Package pricing.


60 days of intensive coaching is all you need:


  • Every 30 days each participant will fill out a symptoms checklist questionnaire so we can track the progress. Once submitted I review each questionnaire before we meet to discuss the progress.
  • Once a week training, via video conference or by phone, to troubleshoot and clarify your protocol questions. This will keep you learning the skills you need, help you build confidence and keep you on track with your health goals for you and your family. Weekly sessions are critical to learn the ins and outs of tailoring the formulations to address what is occurring in your body in real time... not only for yourself but for your family, that way you won't have to be reliant on my coaching services.
  • Unlimited email support included


Note: After the 60 days are up I offer the following options:


  • If you feel you no longer require intensive coaching and only want an hour or so here and there, visit my online scheduler to book a session as needed. My hourly rate is $125 per hour.
  • If you want to continue with additional intensive wellness coaching I am here for you. I will re-assess your needs and create a new wellness package which may or may not be priced more or less.



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